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Created on 2009-03-21 23:17:25 (#4573), last updated 2009-05-04 (441 weeks ago)

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Name:A Day In My Life
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:a day in your life in pictures
What's adayinmylife about?
Simple - tell the story of your day through pictures!
Show us what you do during a day in your life, from the time you get up until you go to bed. There a few simple rules:
  • No more than 70 pictures. Tell us how many photos you have in your post.
  • Pictures should be no larger than 640x480px.
  • You can use captions to tell us what's happening in pictures, but keep them short.
  • You can tease us with one photo if you like, but the rest of your post should be behind a cut.
  • Don't post your entry and then disappear; you will be warned you about errors, but if you're not there to deal with the problem, your entry will be deleted.
  • You can use tags but only for your country/state, town/city and username.
  • Keep your posts about days within the last three months.
  • Please don't post anything that is illegal in the USA, even if it's legal in your country.
  • Please don't post anything that would need to be flagged NSFW.
  • No videos and no outside links.
I have a question!
Awesome, I like questions! Feel free to drop me an email.
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